Zhang Anmin met Korea partners of Songuo Motors
  2018-07-10 10:43:00
Zhang Anmin, member of Party committee of Dezhou municipal government, secretary of Party labor committee and director of management committee in high-tech development zone of Dezhou, and secretary of Yucheng municipal Party committee met Li Gen, dean and professor of international industrial design institute of Korea Hongik University, and representative director of Seoul design group, partner of Songuo Motors on July.10th.

Zhang Anmin warmly welcomed Li Gen delegation, and he said Yucheng has a long history and harmonious folkways, and Yucheng leaders have efficient enforcement and pays high attention to science and technology innovation and talent cultivation. National high-tech development zone, a sole one in county-level city in Shandong province, is located in Yucheng. Yucheng is also a basement of national high technology Biological industry and Top 100 city of national strength in China. Songuo Motors is a major investment project in Yucheng and maintained a sound development momentum since its landing. Secretary Zhang hoped Professor Li Gen could further deepen cooperation with Songuo Motors, realize transformation and upgrade of intelligent driving technology of electrical cars and promote new models to be put into production. Yucheng Party committee and municipal government will try their best to provide good service and backup for bilateral cooperation.

Li Gen spoke highly of sound development environment in Yucheng, and he expressed that he would continue to strengthen and develop cooperation with Songuo Motors, constantly expand cooperation field and achieve win-win result. Zhou Liang, Li Wenqiang of Yucheng Party committee attended the meeting.