Songuo Motors Won the First Prize of Dezhou Science and Technology Cooperation Award of 2019
  2020-07-08 09:44:00
According to the announcement of the Dezhou Science and Technology Bureau, Songuo recently won the first prize of the Dezhou Science and Technology Cooperation Award for the project "Key Technologies on Research and Development and Industrialization of Lightweight and Intelligent New Energy Vehicles".

In reward of its contribution on problem solving of high production cost, low energy efficiency, and large pollution through the international technical cooperation, the project uses new materials, new technologies and new processes of no stamping, no heat welding, no painting, which have greatly reduced pollution emissions, realized the lightweight and low carbonization of new energy vehicles, and further achieved energy saving and emission reduction of new energy vehicles.

The Science and Technology Award of Dezhou City, based on the Science and Technology Incentive Scheme of Dezhou City, which was reviewed by the science and technology reward review committee of the city and approved by the city government, is of significant importance for municipal government strongly implementing the innovation-driven development strategy and for the technology innovation fully playing a vital role in supporting kinetic old and new energy conversion. The establishment of the award is to reward the science and technology personnel and organizations who have make prominent contributions to advance the science and technology processes and the economic society development of our city. Meanwhile, the award aims to encourage science and technology talents in our city to remain true to the original aspiration, to carry on the spirit of seeking truth and being practical, and to comprehensively improve the independent innovation capacity so as to make a greater contribution on the Three-year City Strengthening Strategy through industry development and to promote economic and social development.