Nigerian Merchants of Oriental Energy Recourses Visited SONGUO
  2019-10-31 16:41:00
On the afternoon of October 30th, Mr. Ibrahim Indimi, Executive Director of Nigerian Oriental Energy Recourses Co., Ltd., came to Dezhou High-tech Zone to visit Songuo for the first time.

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, accounting for 16% of Africa's total population. It is also Africa's largest economy, Africa's largest energy resource country, and Africa's largest oil production and exporting country. By 2014, proven oil reserves are the second in Africa, the tenth in the world; proven natural gas reserves rank first in Africa and eighth in the world; 34 of the 76 proven minerals have commercial exploitation value.

The Oriental Energy Resources belongs to Dangote Group, which is the largest cement company in Africa. Its controlling shareholder is the richest man in Africa. In 2013, it was ranked 43rd in the Forbes Global Rich List and co-chair of the 2014 Davos World Economic Forum. The market value of its cement company accounts for a quarter of the total market value of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

In the Songuo Industrial Complex, Mr. Ibrahim Indimi and the delegation visited SONGUO supporting plants, the G-Songuo composite and the three major workshops and exhibition center of Phase I. Tim Shin, the president of Songuo Motors Co., Ltd. and Zheng Chunyuan, the vice president, warmly received the foreign guests and introduced the current construction progress, equipment installation, production and operation of the Songuo Industrial Complex.


The two sides held a friendly discussion at the Industrial Complex Exhibition Center and conducted all-round communication and exchanges on the development and cooperation of the new energy vehicle market, and further discussed the details of cooperation.

After the on-site visit, Zhang Anmin, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Dezhou Municipal Committee, Secretary-General of the CPC Municipal Committee, and Secretary of the CPC Yucheng Municipal Committee, and Teng Haiqiang, deputy secretary of the CPC Yucheng Municipal Committee and mayor of Yucheng met with Mr. Ibrahim Indimi at the Yucheng Hotel. Secretary Zhang Anmin gave a brief introduction to the economic development of Yucheng and the high attention and support of the municipal government to the new energy industry. Looking forward to further deepening cooperation between Oriental Energy and Songuo, and jointly promote the high-quality and rapid development of the project.


Mr. Ibrahim Indimi expressed gratitude to the city government and Songuo Motors for their hospitality. He said that the friendly relations between China and Nigeria have a long history. During his father's generation, economic and trade exchanges between the two countries were very frequent, but most of them are concentrated in traditional industries such as cement and civil engineering; he is honored to inherit this friendship and look forward to new cooperation in new areas on new energy; Oriental Energy will strengthen cooperation with Songuo, and he is confident of cooperation between the two parties. It means a lot for the global layout of SONGUO with thick and heavy colors.


After the meeting, Oriental Energy Recourses Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with Songuo Motors, which will include the construction of the largest Songuo new energy vehicle SKD assembly plant on the African continent in Nigeria.

On behalf of the CPC Municipal Committee and Municipal Government, Secretary Zhang Anmin presented Mr. Ibrahim Indimi with Chinese calligraphy and Chinese paintings by famous local painting and calligraphy masters.