Orders of $ 6 billion dollars before putting into production! Why startup SONGUO hold hands with international giant Samsung


"I hope that Samsung can provide first-class logistics services as SONGUO grows into a world-class enterprise." It is surprised to hear the statement made by Hyung Tae Kim, the head of global logistics of Samsung Group and vice president of Samsung SDS, and as a little-known company, established almost one year ago, SONGUO Motors has already become a partner of the international giant.

On the morning of November 28, the Songuo International Logistics complex project jointly constructed by Samsung SDS, Songuo Motors Co., Ltd. and Dezhou Financial Investment Co., Ltd. was signed in Dezhou. The total planned investment of the project is RMB 3.1 billion. It is committed to creating a global logistics operation platform based on blockchain, and forming a one-stop global aftermarket service system with Songuo as the core of logistics, warehousing and parts supply. Focusing on IT and logistics business, Samsung SDS will not only provide logistics services, but also invest in facilities and equipment in the complex. The first phase of the project is planned to be completed in 2022. After completion, it will have logistics capabilities with an annual output of 230,000 automotive modules and 63,000 sets of integrated building modules.

Where is SONGUO? On the afternoon of the 28th, the reporter once again came to the Songuo New Energy Equipment Industry Complex located in the Dezhou High-tech Zone (Yucheng). In the three large workshops with a total area of nearly 150,000 square meters, and a number of equipment is under intense joint testing. Under the operation of each robot, thousands of parts and 46 groups of modules are like building blocks and inserting puzzles. "It is proposed to sprint in the fourth quarter of Shandong, and our sprint goal is to trial-produce one-ton logistics vehicles by the end of this year," said Zheng Chunyuan, vice president of Songuo Motors Co., Ltd.


In fact, since the Songuo project was signed in March 2018, the sprint has begun. SONGUO's core team comes from Korea, the United States, Italy, China, etc. The key to the 10-year technical accumulation is to use new materials and new technologies to subvert the traditional automobile production approach. When they decided to industrialize in China in January 2018, their hearts were actually anxious. Zheng Chunyuan told reporters that "new energy vehicles have become a consensus for the future development trend, but the industry and the market are rapidly diverging in recent years. The world's auto giants are seeking breakthroughs in this field with strong technology and capital accumulation, and we are from scratch, we must 'change lanes and overtake.' But if we can’t catch up in two or three years, there will be a lot of variables, so we have no choice but to go forward. ”It turns out that only in China that you can go forward like this with strong government support.


The reporter learned that they stand out from the competition in more than 40 cities across the country. Dezhou and Yucheng dared to innovate financing methods and provide land safeguard measures for targeted projects. Yucheng issued an official document after signing an intent agreement. Secretary Zhang Anmin and Mayor Teng Haiqiang acted as the “Double Leaders” of the project promotion team. After the project landed, the Standing Committee meeting and the joint meeting of the leader team went to the workshop for on-site working. The cadres work on the front line and schedule the work once a week, supervising the problems one by one. Special team is on duty 24 hours a day, and work closely with the project team to achieve "develop from nothing" and fission in more than a year. It took less than a year from ground breaking to production for the world's first overseas super factory of Tesla that located in Lingang, Shanghai, and the speed of SONGUO is equally amazing.


At present, the Songuo project has received strong support from the Shandong New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion Project Fund and key R & D plans. Zheng Chunyuan told reporters that technically, the core technologies of SONGUO from vehicle modeling and design, body structure to vehicle covering materials, and EIC system are all being forward developed by enterprises. The unpainted polymer composite body meets the need for light weight and safety of new energy vehicles; the change in production technology has reduced the project investment by more than 50%, the product price has been reduced to 50% of the same model, and subsequent use and maintenance costs have been reduced by more than 50%. In terms of business model, Songuo launches the global market immediately while landing. Headquartered in the High-tech Zone of Dezhou, it has established overseas SKD assembly plants in the form of technology and market authorization and brand shareholding. At present, 52 overseas assembly plants and global partners have been signed. Nearly $ 6 billion in various orders were signed before it was put into production.

On September 30, the first batch of SONGUO vehicles passed the review by the Ministry of Transport and Safety of the People's Republic of Korea and licensed for driving on the road. From November 25 to 26, a special ASEAN-ROK summit was held in Busan, Korea.  As a representative of the Korean electric vehicle industry, Songuo Korea (a wholly owned subsidiary of SONGUO) was invited to attend the conference and provided driving services for the conference. Earlier next month, SONGUO will also sign cooperation agreements with three companies including Samsung SDI at the "Deepening Shandong-Japan-Korea Open Cooperation Promotion Conference".

From:Dazhong Daily