Provincial Department of Natural Resources Inspected Songuo Motors


On the afternoon of January 16th, Duan Xiuming, Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources, accompanied by the leaders of Dezhou Natural Resources Bureau, came to Yucheng to carry out researches.


The delegation of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources inspected the progress of the Songuo project on the spot. The person in charge of Songuo received the research team warmly and made a work report on the progress of Songuo new energy vehicles. The research team visited the injection molding workshop, body workshop, assembly workshop and industrial complex exhibition center; they learned more about the technical research and development, market operation, plant construction, production line installation and debugging of the Songuo project.


For the implementation and development of the Songuo New Energy Vehicle and New Energy Equipment Industrial Complex, the Provincial Department of Natural Resources has given great support and practical help to solve the land use problem for two consecutive years. After the inspection, the research team affirmed the achievements of the complex, placed high expectations on the future development of Songuo, and encouraged enterprises to seize the good opportunity of the conversion of old and new kinetic energy to deliver the mass production as soon as possible. The Provincial Department of Natural Resources will uphold the Principle "resource follows the project", to give priority support for the land using of new and old kinetic energy conversion projects.

Teng Haiqiang, Cheng Xianqing, and Chen Pu, leaders of Yucheng and Wang Zhiyong, leader from Dongcheng Office, accompanied the investigation.