Yang Hongtao, Deputy Secretary of Dezhou Municipal Committee and Acting Mayor


On the morning of January 4, Yang Hongtao, deputy secretary of the Dezhou Municipal Party Committee and acting mayor, came to Yucheng for investigation. In the New Energy Equipment Industrial Complex of Dezhou High-tech Zone, Mayor Yang Hongtao and his team investigated the construction progress, R&D investment, and production preparation of the Songuo project.

Mayor Yang Hongtao inspected the injection molding workshop, body workshop and final assembly workshop of Songuo main factory site, carefully listened to the detailed work report of the project leader, learned about the project technology, industrial chain and market development, etc. The market advantages brought by it and the construction of the industrial chain will be the focus of attention.

The Songuo project subverts traditional manufacturing approaches with new materials and new technologies, and builds a global market layout with a new model. This makes the project rejuvenated at a critical moment when the automotive industry is facing changes in the century.

Dezhou leaders Wang Zhenxiu, Shao Qingze, Wang Jian, Cai Yuhu, Wang Mingjie; Zhang Anmin, Li Wenqiang, leaders of Yucheng, Wang Zhiyong and Wu Yanguo,leaders of high-tech zone,accompanied the activity.