The opening ceremony of the second phase of the SONGUO Management Trainee training course was held


New life in a new year. On the morning of January 3, the opening ceremony of the second phase of the Songuo Management Trainee training course was held in Yucheng Vocational Education Center. Teng Haiqiang, Yucheng Deputy Secretary and Mayor, Qian Jun, Director of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Yucheng, Yang Chuanbin, Municipal Education Bureau Director, and other leaders attended the opening ceremony. Deputy Mayor Si Hongyu presided over the ceremony.

The Management Trainee plan is a special project established by Songuo for the training of "future business leaders" in industrial clusters. It is hoped that through 2-3 years or even more comprehensive training and exercise, it will train more and better young generation managers for companies. On December 10, 2018, Songuo Motors and the Vocational Education Center unveiled the "industry-education integration, school-enterprise cooperation", and held the opening ceremony of the first special course of Songuo Management Trainee training.

At the opening ceremony of the second Songuo training course, Zhang Guangtao, the president of Yucheng Vocational Education Center, first introduced the basic situation of the vocational education center and summarized the first phase of Songuo training. He hoped that Songuo and the vocational education center would complement each other's strengths as a powerful combination, further implement the strategy of "industry-education integration, school-enterprise cooperation", and provide more talents for society and enterprises.

Zhou Haiyan, Chairman of Songuo Motors, delivered a speech: The future of the new economy is the competition for talents. The strategy of "industrial-education-integrated school-enterprise cooperation" implemented on the basis of complementary advantages by Songuo and the Vocational Education Center will be passed on to a new generation and the opening classes every year will be new hopes. And with a set of data, It strongly proved that Songuo has achieved great results in technology research and development, overseas market development, and project construction under the strong leadership of the Yucheng Municipal Committee and Municipal Government since its establishment.

Yucheng Mayor Teng Haiqiang congratulated the opening of the second session of the Songuo management training class and expressed his earnest hope for the "production-education integration, school-enterprise cooperation" and the students of the management training class.

Teng Haiqiang pointed out that vocational education is a major reform and breakthrough in today's social education method. The Chinese economy has entered the "elevator era" and entered the "climbing era", and it will take effort to fight in the future. We will witness the growth of the younger generation, witness the flourishing future of Yucheng, and witness the realization of the Chinese dream. Happiness comes from struggle, and fate is in our own hands.

Teng Haiqiang expressed the hope that students will cherish the great opportunity of this study, and have a world-class automotive professional team as your strong backing. Everyone should study hard, pursue their dreams and will achieve a glorious life.

Mayor blessed like spring weather and rain, infiltrating the hearts of every student, young hearts are energized with fighting spirit, thunderous applause sounded at the venue.

The members of the leadership team of Yucheng Vocational Education Center, some middle-level and mechanical teachers, and all the students of the Songuo Management Trainee training course attended the opening ceremony.