Yucheng People's Congress Standing Committee Investigated Songuo Motors


On December 24, according to the People’s Congress’s supervision work plan of 2019, the Standing Committee of the Yucheng People’s Congress conducted a special survey of the city’s science and technology work.

The investigation team was led by Duan Zhaoji, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Yucheng People's Congress, and in collaboration with relevant responsible comrades of the Science and Technology Bureau, came to the Songuo Industrial Complex to conduct on-site investigations on the progress of the project.

In the Industrial Complex Exhibition Center and the three major workshops, the research team of the National People's Congress learned about the project application on the spot and praised the scientific research results that Songuo has achieved.

Since its establishment in the Dezhou High-tech Zone, Songuo has won high recognition in the international market with new materials, new technologies, new processes and innovative models that subvert the traditional approaches. In a year and a half, the R&D,manufacturing and test drives of 22 prototype vehicles were completed; more than 50 overseas cooperative assembly and distribution contracts were completed; the first batch of electric vehicles passed the examination of the Ministry of Transportation Safety of Korea and licensed for driving on the road; a wholly-owned subsidiary, and Korea Songuo was invited to serve as a representative of the Korean New Energy Vehicles at the Korea-ASEAN Special Summit and provided services to the conference, with showing a good development trend.


Gao Changdong, Secretary of the Party Leading Group and Director of Yucheng Science and Technology Bureau, participated in the survey.