Deputies of Provincial, City and County People's Congress inspected SONGUO Motors


On December 26, a delegation of more than 200 people from People’s Congress, the three-level people’s congresses in Shandong Province, Dezhou City, and Yucheng, led by the Standing Committee of the Yucheng, came to conduct a centralized inspection of the city’s economic and social development and the actual construction of people ’s livelihood in 2019.


The delegation of the National People's Congress came to the New Energy Equipment Industrial Complex of Dezhou High-tech Zone to inspect the progress of the SONGUO project on the spot and learn more about recent work such as project progress and equipment commissioning.

As the city's key investment promotion project, Songuo has received high attention and support from the municipal governments of Yucheng and Dezhou since its landing. The Yucheng municipal government established a special work promotion team to provide timely and comprehensive services for project construction and development. Helped the project achieve high-quality leap-forward development.

Li Yumei, Zhao Zhongxiang, Duan Zhaoji, Wang Xinhua, Li Chunhou, leading comrades of the Standing Committee of the Yucheng People's Congress, as well as cadres that serve temporary positions of the National People's Congress in Yucheng, and all representatives of the Yucheng People's Congress attended the event.