Deputies of the Provincial People's Congress in Dezhou inspected Songuo


On the morning of December 20, a group of 12 deputies of the Provincial People's Congress in Dezhou, led by Zhong Ling, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Dezhou People's Congress, came to Yucheng to inspect Songuo Motors and other key city projects.

A delegation from the People's Congress in Dezhou came to the New Energy Equipment Industrial Complex of Dezhou High-tech Zone and inspected the three major workshops and the industrial complex exhibition center of the first phase of Songuo. Zheng Chunyuan, the vice president of Songuo Motors, warmly received the inspection team and introduced the details of the Songuo industry planning, project features, overseas orders and construction in progress.

In the injection molding workshop, deputies stopped to watch from time to time, listened to the project introduction with great interest, and showed strong interest in the unique characteristics of the Songuo project. The leader of the inspection team encouraged the project to seize the great opportunity of the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, and did not forget the original intention, continued innovation, and strived to achieve high-quality leap-forward development of the project.

Teng Haiqiang, Li Yumei and Sun Dengjing, leaders of Yucheng, accompanied the event.