The research team of Dezhou Development and Reform Commission investigated SONGUO Motors


In the afternoon of November 28, led by Geng Xiangdong, deputy director of the Dezhou Development and Reform Commission and executive deputy director of the Municipal New and Old Kinetic Energy Office, the delegation of Industrial Economy and Technology Economics Institute of National Development and Reform Commission and the Dezhou Development and Reform Commission, came to Yucheng to carry out the "Fourteenth Five " Research on Paths for Accelerating the Cultivation of Modern Industrial System.

The NDRC research team came to the Songuo New Energy Industrial Complex to check the construction and delivery of the main workshops on the spot. Under the explanation of the project leader, they learned more about the recent industrial planning, the progress of the construction in the supporting plant area and the operations of Songuo Motors.

Through the on-site investigation, the NDRC research team had a more intuitive and clear understanding of the Songuo project, highly praised the down-to-earth working style of Yucheng's leadership team, and hoped that  Songuo Motors can persist in innovation, maintain its core competitiveness, and strive for better and faster development.

Yang Xiaohui, leader of Yucheng Development and Reform Bureau and Wu Yanguo, leader of high-tech zone accompanied the investigation.