The Delegation of Overseas Liaison Directors visited SONGUO



In the morning of November 27th, during the "First Dezhou Trip of Overseas Liaison Directors" event, 15 overseas liaison director representatives accompanied by Song Xiaomei, Party Secretary and Director of the Dezhou Foreign Affairs Office, came to Songuo New Energy Industrial Complex from Songzhou to learn about the characteristics, technical advantages, production operations, and ongoing projects of the Songuo project.


At the Industrial Complex Exhibition Center, the delegation visited the SONGUO New Energy series with great interest, praised the distinctive appearance of SONGUO Vehicles, and highly recognized the innovative development model of SONGUO Cars with overtaking by changing lanes. The members of the delegation stated that the development of new energy vehicles is advancing with the times and has a bright future, and they are looking forward to the mass production of SONGUO to enter the international market as soon as possible.


Gao Rui, lead of Yucheng, Ding Qiang from the Commerce Bureau and Wang Yong of the Municipal Government Office, and Wu Yanguo, lead of the high-tech zone accompanied the inspection.