SONGUO Motors successfully greeted the supervision and evaluation of the city's coordinated development in the second half of 2019


On the afternoon of November 21, under the leadership of the relevant leaders of the Yucheng Municipal Committee, the city inspection delegation came to the New Energy Equipment Industrial Complex in Dezhou High-tech Zone for supervision and evaluation of coordinated development in the second half of 2019. Focus on supervising the industrial process of the SONGUO project, the preparation of the workshop, the operation of the equipment, and the progress of the construction in progress, to learn more about the project market and the trial production of production line.

A few days ago, the construction of the SONGUO project was proceeding in an orderly manner, and the supporting facilities in the workshop area were gradually improved. The enterprise is of one mind and intensely strives to achieve production efficiency as soon as possible.

Relevant leaders at the city level and leaders of various townships, relevant departments of the municipal government, and the responsible comrades of all units in Yucheng participated in the event.