JD Capital Merchants Visited SONGUO Motors


On the morning of November 15, merchants of JD Group came to visit Yucheng.


Kunwu JD Capital Co., Ltd. is a professional organization focusing on equity investment and management. Headquartered in Beijing, it has branches in 50 regions across the country, managing multiple RMB funds and one US dollar fund. JD Capital has a long-term research, tracking and investment in 10 fields including consumer goods, agriculture, equipment manufacturing and new energy and the accumulated investment projects are over 100. Currently, listed companies and companies under review for listing are over 40.

Zheng Chunyuan, vice president of Songuo Motors, warmly received the delegation of JD Capital, focusing on the current development planning, construction progress and market situation of Songuo Motors. The JD Capital Investigation Team visited the main production area, from injection molding workshop, body workshop and final assembly workshop to the Songuo Industrial Complex Exhibition Center and stop to listen to the explanation and learn more about the Songuo project from time to time.

JD Capital Inspection Delegation said that the new energy automobile industry has broad prospects for development. It is hoped that through this inspection, the two sides will understand and diversify and strengthen business communication, laying a foundation for future business cooperation.

Wang Jianguo, Li Chunhou, leaders of Yucheng, and Wang Bo, chairman of the City Investment Corporation, accompanied the visit.