SAMSUNG SDS leaders Visited SONGUO Motors


On the afternoon of October 23, a group of 7 people from the global logistics department of South Korea's Samsung Group, Jin Hengtai, the vice chairman of the Korean Logistics Institute and the vice president of Samsung SDS came to SONGUO Motors for a visit and discuss the cooperation of Songuo International Logistics Complex (IDC).

Samsung SDS is a global provider of IT solutions and services. The main business covers IT services, business solutions and global logistics. Samsung SDS has led the Korean IT market for more than 30 years, and has continued to innovate in response to changes of the times. It entered the Chinese market in the late 1990s.

Accompanied by Shen Longfu, the president of Songuo, and vice president Zheng Chunyuan, the delegation visited the injection molding, body and assembly workshops of the industrial complex, and learned in detail about the SONGUO industry planning, construction progress, equipment installation and commissioning and trial production.

At present, SONGUO has completed the R&D and manufacturing of 8 automobile platforms, 20 prototypes and test drives, and will complete more than 40 SKD assembly plants and market layouts on five continents in the next three years. The construction of the International Logistics Complex will lay the foundation for the global logistics and distribution of Songuo New Energy Vehicles and form a one-stop global aftermarket (AFTER MARKET) service system integrating logistics, warehousing and parts supply.

Samsung SDS has been focusing on the global logistics business for many years and has provided professional services to many car companies including Mercedes-Benz and Toyota. After the global invitation of tender for the Songuo international logistics complex project, Samsung SDS organized a professional team to communicate with Songuo and proposed a preliminary plan for the complex.

During the meeting, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the cooperation of Songuo International Logistics Complex, and further determined the cooperation intention and the direction of program optimization.