South Korea's Saemangeum Development Hall Delegation Visited SONGUO Motors


On the morning of September 17, a delegation of 8 people from the Saemangeum Development Hall and the Gunsan City Hall in South Korea, led by the director of the Saemangeum Industrial Zone Promotion Department, YOON YONGTAE, visited SONGUO Motors.

The Saemangeum Development Zone is a national-level project led by the Central Government of South Korea. It is located in the coastal area of Jeollabuk-do on the west coast. It is surrounded by the world's longest seawall, with a total area of 401 square kilometers, across three districts of Gunsan, Gimje-si and Buan, and it is the only special economic zone directly managed by the Korean Central Government and is evaluated as the new driving force for the growth of the Korean economy in the next 30 years. The flight time is only 40 minutes from Saemangeum to Shandong Peninsula. The Korean government is currently improving infrastructure such as ports, airports, railways and highways, etc.

Under the guidance of Zheng Chunyuan, vice president of SONGUO Motors, the Korean guests visited the G-Songuo Composites, three workshops of SONGUO Motors, and the Industrial Park Exhibition Center to learn more about the construction progress and future planning of the SONGUO Industry Project.

Chairman Zhou Haiyan and CEO Tim Shin cordially met with South Korean guests and the two sides held friendly talks on the cooperation of SONGUO Motors and the Korea SKG final assembly project.

Through the visit, the joint delegation of Korea Saemangeum Development Hall has a clearer and more intuitive understanding of the development of SONGUO New Energy Vehicles, and appreciates the platform-type Songuo overseas cooperation model, and has full confidence and expectation for the future cooperation of both sides in the field of new energy vehicles.