China SONGUO Motors, Producing Electric Trucks in Korea


China Motor Corporation (Songuo) announced the establishment of a car factory in South Korea. SONGUO Motors is an emerging motor company established in January this year.

 The automotive industry is an industry that requires a variety of cutting-edge technologies and huge initial investments. It is not easy to invest in this industry. In this regard, SONGUO Motors said that over the past 10 years, it was a combination of automobile research and development technology from South Korea and other countries, China's capital, and Blackstone Holdings.

SONGUO technology is significantly different from traditional car technology, and new materials are widely used. Replacing the metal parts that make up the general car with new materials, eliminating the need for stamping, welding and painting processes, and greatly reducing initial investment. The four major processes are the core processes of automobile production and require a lot on technology and cost.

In addition, the new process can also enjoy the benefits of reduced parts and cost reductions, thus ensuring price competitiveness. In addition, the performance improvement brought by the lightweight body is also an indispensable advantage.

Each part can be independent module depending on the fit. For example, a variety of SKD (Semi-Knockdown, exports semi-finished parts to local for assembly and sales) systems can be constructed, and various modules can be provided according to the scale of the plant. Even small-scale equipment can be assembled.

SONGUO Motors says it can apply a variety of modules to standard equipment that has been developed and can be applied to different models, such as passenger cars and cargo trucks.

 With the One Platform policy, custom models and production lines can be built for different market conditions.


SONGUO has the flexibility to choose the electric motor, fuel engine, LPG and CNG engines of the same body.


SONGUO plans to establish a factory in the Seongmun National Industrial Complex in Dangjin, Chungcheongnam-do, and to start mass production of 1-ton electric truck SKD from September next year. SONGUO has signed a joint SKD factory agreement with Jianyuan Group of Dangjin.

   In the future, by 2022, before achievement of the goal of 50,000 units per year, the supply of equipment and modules will not only be sold in South Korea but also exported to Southeast Asia.