Dezhou City Direct Working Committee Research Group Inspected SONGUO Motors


On the morning of September 11, the delegation of the Dezhou Municipal Working Committee was led by Tian Shuxia, secretary of the Working Committee,  came to Yucheng from Dezhou to study and conduct party building activities.

The delegation came to SONGUO New Energy Vehicles Industrial Complex to listen to the relevant situation of the project leader and to understand the project construction and enterprise development.

Since the landing of the SONGUO New Energy Equipment Industrial Complex project, it has received great attentions and strong support from governments at all levels and relevant departments. All aspects of the work are now proceeding in an orderly manner.

Up to now, the three major workshops with a construction area of nearly 150,000 square meters of phase I bid-section A have been put into use. The equipment will be put into operation and the trial production will begin after commissioning. The construction of 6 large supporting workshops of bid-section B have also started. Small injection molded parts workshop, gas engines and other supporting project equipment began to enter the workshop successively from the end of the month.

Through on-site visits, the research team had fully understanding the development of SONGUO New Energy Vehicles and placed high hopes on project construction and market prospects. Encourage enterprises to continue to remember why they started, keep innovation on agenda, and strive for early production efficiency, and become a new growth point of the regional economy.

Li Wenqiang, leader of the city, and Wang Zhiyong, leader of the high-tech zone, accompanied the inspection.