First Enterprise Information Sharing Activity of SONGUO Motors Started


On the afternoon of September 4th, in order to further develop corporate culture, enhance cohesiveness and sense of belonging, enrich employees' cultural life, and improve corporate management, SONGUO Motors held the first internal employee information sharing activity (first batch). Vice President Zheng Yuyuan and Zhang Congxin attended the activity.

In order to ensure the satisfaction of daily work and employee participation, this sharing activity was divided into several batches after extensive consultation with employees' opinions and suggestions. It lasted from September 4th to September 19th. A mix of employees from various departments will enhance understanding and further familiarity with each other.

At 3:30 in the afternoon, the first batch of employees who participated in the interactive activity started from the high-tech zone management committee and went to the prototype vehicle workshop, the new material factory, the injection molding workshop, the body workshop, and the assembly workshop to conduct on-the-spot visits. Everyone listened carefully to the introduction by workshop (or project) responsible colleagues and had a preliminary understanding of the progress of the project and the operation of the equipment.

 In the Industrial Park Exhibition Center, many employees saw SUVs, logistics vehicles, and SSM series cars of their own company for the first time. They were quite curious and excited. Through the vivid and detailed introduction of the introduction, as well as video viewings of the Seoul Auto Show, the provincial new and old kinetic energy observation, the second new product release and the signing event, everyone clearly understood the progress of the project and the development of the company, and realized that each post is an important part of the operation of this “Big Auto" has enhanced the sense of collective honor.

After the visit, a symposium was held on the spot. Everyone actively expressed their opinions and suggestions in a lively atmosphere. The employees were enthusiastic and full of confidence and expectation for the future of SONGUO.

  In the warm applause of everyone, the first batch of information sharing activity of SONGUO Motors was successfully completed; the subsequent batch sharing activities will continue in an orderly manner.