Shandong Industry and Commerce Researched SONGUO Motors


On the afternoon of July 18th, Zhou Yunping, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the Provincial Party Committee, secretary of the Party Committee of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, and executive vice chairman of Zhou Yunping, came to Yucheng to conduct research on the institutional mechanism of the Federation of Industry and Commerce and the reform and development of the Chamber of Commerce. Deng Xiaomao, member of the Standing Committee of the Dezhou Municipal Committee, Minister of the United Front Work Department, Vice Chairman of the Texas Municipal CPPCC, and Chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce Xin Zhicai and other leaders accompanied the investigation.


In the SONGUO New Energy Vehicles Industrial Park, Chairman Zhou Yunping and his party listened in detail to the relevant situation of the project leader, focusing on the situation and suggestions of the enterprises in the industrial and commercial association mechanism and the reform and development of the chamber of commerce.

 At the SONGUO Industrial Park Exhibition Center, Zheng Guoyuan, vice president of SONGUO Motors, welcomed the arrival of the research group of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce and thanked the provincial party committee and the two municipal governments for their concern and support for SONGUO. During the visit, Mr. Zheng gave a detailed introduction to the history of SONGUO Motors, the industrial chain gathering and future development planning for the research team leaders.


Through on-site research, the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce Research Group had a new understanding of the establishment of SONGUO New Energy Vehicles in Yucheng, and expected a lot for the future development of SONGUO. It was hoped that enterprises will cherish the current business environment, take advantage of the new and old kinetic energy conversion policies, consolidate the industrial foundation, and focus on innovation and creation to achieve the first phase of high-quality leap-forward development.


Teng Haiqiang, Cui Limin, Sun Dengjing, the leaders of Yucheng city , and Wu Yanguo, leaders of the High-tech Zone, accompanied the event.