Special Event on "August 1st":Secretary Zhang Researched SONGUO Project


On the eve of the "August 1st" Army Day, Secretary Zhang Anmin visited the garrison troops of the Armed Police Forces and the People's Armed Forces, and sent blessings and greetings to the officers and men of the troops. On the morning of July 29th, Secretary Zhang Anmin came to the SONGUO New Energy Industry Project for on-site investigation after visiting the consolation of the city's garrison troops.


Secretary Zhang Anmin came to the project site of the first phase to check the progress of the project and make important instructions. He urged the relevant departments at the site to cooperate fully to ensure that bid-section A workshop of the first phase and its supporting facilities were delivered on schedule.


Secretary Zhang stressed that all relevant departments should take the initiative to go deep into the enterprise and strengthen the connection, focus on solving the difficulties encountered in the development of key enterprises and project construction, further create a good development environment, and promote the healthy and rapid development of enterprises.


Li Wenqiang and Li Chunhou, leaders of Yucheng city, and Wang Zhiyong, leader of the high-tech zone, accompanied the investigation.