Good News丨SONGUO Phase I 2# Injection Molding Workshop Officially Delivered


A few days ago, the SONGUO 2# injection molding workshop of Phase I was completed by the construction unit, and the supervision unit completed the initial inspection, and a project quality assessment report for the completion was issued.

On the morning of September 3rd, the construction unit delivered the 2# injection molding workshop to SONGUO Motors Co., Ltd. for using and management; the handover took effect from 12 noon on September 3rd, 2019.

In order to speed up the production schedule and improve the management efficiency of the workshop area, the acceptance of the entire phase I A-section workshop will be carried out in stages. This handover was a functional standard handover, which was carried out item by item according to the use standards of water, electricity, office area, doors and windows, exhaust fans and safety and hygiene. From now on, the management of 2# workshop will be under the responsibility of SONGUO Motors.

 The 2# injection molding workshop was strictly constructed with high requirements. The cost of the workshop ground was twice that of ordinary concrete floors. It won’t not necessary to stop production and maintenance in 10 years. Systematic and intelligent management of workshop equipment, using fully automated materials for warehousing and injection molding, mass production of unpainted, high-gloss auto-body panels, of injection molded products, subverting traditional automotive production processes.

The total construction area of the three major sections is nearly 150,000 square meters, of which the injection molding workshop covers a construction area of nearly 50,000 square meters. After the delivery of the 2# workshop, the 1# and 3# workshops of the phase I bid-section A will also be completed and accepted and delivered for the production and operation.