Yucheng Federation of Trade Unions Sent a Cool Summer to SONGUO Motors


In the hot summer days, sweating a lot, "Cool Summer!" from the intimate union. On the morning of July 25th, the leaders of the Yucheng Federation of Trade Unions came to SONGUO Motors to send a cool solace to the frontline employees who remained in the post under the high temperature of the hot sun, expressing the concern and love of the frontline employees of the union family.

It is reported that the city's General Union of Trade Unions will carry out the theme of "workers fight with the high temperature and the coolness of trade unions" in the city this year. The event began on July 24th, and the condolences are mainly for the first-line workers who are holding jobs under the hot sun, such as high-temperature operation enterprises, open-air workplaces, construction sites, and sanitation workers.


At the event, the leaders of the trade union brought with tea, towels, cups, washing powder, umbrellas and other summer heatstroke products to everyone, and talked with the frontline employees and asked them to overcome the difficult factors such as high temperature and fatigue, and to arrange the working hours reasonably and to pay attention to the combination of work and rest to ensure their own safety. The company's production responsible person is required to implement the relevant rules and regulations on summer heatstroke cooling, and fundamentally protect the employees’ health and safety and avoid all kinds of accidents.

 On behalf of the company, Chen Ping, Chairman of the SONGUO Motors Trade Union, expressed her gratitude for the condolences of the Yucheng Federation of Trade Unions, the support and trust in the work of the trade union, and briefly introduced the company's recent equipment installation progress and future planning of the project, and the company was concerned and strived to create a healthy and safe working environment for our employees.