On-site review delegation of Dezhou City CPPCC members visit SONGUO project


On the morning of August 13th, the delegation of the Dezhou CPPCC National Committee, accompanied by relevant leaders of the Dezhou City ICT Bureau, and departed from Dezhou, the group of 21 people comes to the Yucheng city to review the ICT work and the development of the company.

At the SONGUO Industrial Park Exhibition Center, the delegation listens to the work report of Zheng Chunyuan, vice president of SONGUO MOTORS, to learn more about the development of SONGUO project and the expansion of overseas markets

Under the strong support and high attention of the municipal governments of Dezhou and Yucheng, the SONGUO project has developed rapidly. Up to now, distribution orders for more than 50 overseas countries have been signed. The equipment of the first phase have entered the plant on July 9th. It is expected that the equipment for three major workshops will be installed& commissioned and put into operation by the end of August; a large amount of orders will begin to be delivered as soon as the certification is completed.

The R&D and implementation of the SONGUO project has overturned the traditional production process of automobiles with 130 years’ history. It belongs to the industrial innovation led by new materials, new technologies and new processes. Under the current overall decline of the global automobile industry, the broad market prospect of the SONGUO project has unique reference value for the development of new energy automobile industry.

The leaders of the Yucheng city, Teng Haiqiang, Liu Dongshun, Wang Jianguo, Yang Chengjin, and Sun Bin, Duan Yuhong from the ICT Bureau were accompanied for the investigation.