The Delegation of Dezhou City People's Congress Visit SONGUO MOTORS


On the afternoon of August 28th, a delegation of 30 people from Dezhou City People's Congress led by Chen Yuping, deputy director of Dezhou City People's Congress, visit Yucheng to inspect scientific and technological innovation work.

The deputy inspection team of Dezhou City People’s Congress firstly come to the SONGUO New Energy Equipment Industrial Park to listen to the work report of the project leader and details of technological achievements and development trends of the company in technological innovation.

At the SONGUO Industrial Park Exhibition Center, Zheng Chunyuan, Vice President, gives a detailed introduction of the SONGUO grouping Battery Swapping System (BSS) to the deputy director Chen Yuping: "The system uses professional charging methods, which not only can improve the battery pack life and performance, providing real-time online monitoring, will also significantly reduce the cost of fixed facilities construction, and allowing customers to enjoy independent power exchange services within 1 minute." This innovative model has been unanimously praised by the Municipal People's Congress inspection team.

After ten years, SONGUO MOTORS has been committed to the innovation and R&D of core technologies for new energy vehicles. Good results have been achieved in the new material application, power diversification, modular production process and many other aspects. The key technologies of lightweight and intelligentization for new energy vehicles have been included in the provincial key research and development plan in 2019, which has realized the change and subversion of traditional production processes, which has greatly reduced product prices and subsequent use costs, and has become the best new energy automotive products with the most cost-effective and comprehensive competitiveness at present.

After on-site investigation, the delegation gives full affirmation to the achievements of SONGUO MOTORS in scientific and technological innovation, encouraged enterprises to make persistent efforts, and strived to enter the market “No competition zone” with core technology innovation for a greater contribution of regional economic and industrial development.


    Wang Jianguo, Duan Zhaoji, and Gao Changdong, leaders of the Science and Technology Bureau, accompanied the inspection.