SONGUO MOTORS starts IATF 16949 system construction


On the morning of July 12th, SONGUO MOTORS holds the opening ceremony of IATF16949 system construction. The chairman, vice president, directors of related departments and system construction liaison attend the meeting.



IATF16949 is a professional system standard derived from the ISO9001 international standard for the automotive industry. The world's largest automobile manufacturing countries, including China, spare no effort to promote IATF16949 certification, so as to increase the international competitiveness of domestic manufacturers. The introduction of the quality management system not only improves quality awareness, product quality and customer response, but also can solve many problems such as lack of management procedures, weak operation process control, and poor workflow interface. The first phase of the equipment of the SONGUO project is under installation. The introduction of the IATF16949 management system at this stage is of great significance to SONGUO MOTORS.

The opening ceremony is hosted by Wang Jinhua the Vice President. According to the “IATF16949 System Construction Promotion Plan” of SONGUO MOTORS, all the staff participate and establish the “IATF16949 System Construction Team” of SONGUO MOTORS CO., LTD. The meeting clarified the duties of the members of the IATF16949 system construction team.



Zheng Chunyuan the Vice President reads the "Notice on the Establishment of the IATF16949 System Construction Team" at the meeting; Minister Shen Mingrun of the quality department of the R&D institute introduced the system construction time nodes. Wang Shijun the General Manager of Bohui Consulting Company introduces the basic ideas of IATF16949 and the important role and significance of system construction in the process of enterprise development.


Zhou Haiyan the Chairman of SONGUO MOTORS, announces the start of the construction of the IATF16949 system. He stresses that the implementation of the IATF16949 standard is not a simple evidence collection but a driving force for improving the management level of enterprises and promoting the standardization of management work. She hopes that all members of the system will strictly follow the duties and division of labor. According to the plan to complete the document preparation, implementation of operations, certification and other stages of work, to ensure that the quality management system operates in the company's full cycle, all aspects of operation as a way to make company's management further standardized, processize, institutionalized.



The road to the future development of SONGUO MOTORS is rugged. It is believed that through the joint efforts of the IATF 16949 Quality System Construction Team and various departments, SONGUO can not only successfully pass the IATF 16949 quality management system certification, but also realize scientific innovation management, improve product quality, enhance employee cohesion, and accelerate the internationalization of SONGUO MOTORS.


It is reported that SONGUO MOTORS will start ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14000 environmental management system certification and ISO18000 occupational health and safety management system certification.