Zhai Changsheng the Dezhou Municipal CPPCC Chairman and Party Secretary investigate SONGUO MOTORS


On the morning of June 13th, Zhai Changsheng the Chairman of the Dezhou Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference and the Party Secretary led a group of 8 people come to the city to investigate the “attraction of investors and talents”. Zhang Anmin, Liu Dongshun and Li Wenqiang leaders of Yucheng attend the activity.



The research team comes to the core area of the Central Innovation Zone, Sanyi City Construction and Housing Project, Synergetic Development Industrial Park, SONGUO MOTORS industrial park and other key projects and listens to the project leader's brief introduction, having a detailed understanding of the project progress.



At the SONGUO exhibition center, Zheng Chunyuan, Vice President of SONGUO MOTORS, warmly received the delegation of the Dezhou Municipal Coordination Research Group, focusing on the SONGUO industry integration from the business environment to project planning and construction since its establishment in the city. The integration has been highly valued and strongly supported by the municipal Party committee and municipal governments of Yucheng and Dezhou, thus rapidly promoting the development of industrial chain cluster. The SONGUO project continues to strengthen scientific research and innovation, and expand overseas markets. Forty-six countries signs cooperation contracts with SONGUO, showing a promising future.



Zhai Changsheng said that the “attraction of investors and talents” work in Yucheng City is highly compatible with the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, and deeply integrates the development of Yucheng's industry. The investment intensity is strong and the driving ability is strong. The business of SONGUO MOTORS Project features export-oriented advanced technology,which are the important growth pole of the city's new energy industry. The leadership of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government is pragmatic and responsible, and practically help enterprises to make innovate and break through. The government and enterprises will work together to promote the high-quality regional economy development.