SONGUO MOTORS delegation visits Privas, France


On 2nd, June, bright Chinese national flag is raised in the city hall of Privas where is the provincial capital of Ardeche, France. Mr. Michel Valla the Mayor, on behalf of Privas, extends warm welcome to the Chinese guests—the delegation of SONGUO MOTORS who is going to inspect European.


Privas boasts a superior natural environment and convenient location, where is only half an hour distance from Lyons and two hours from Marseille. Privas is an extraordinary foodie town where you can find all local specialties of Ardeche. There are many restaurants that provide traditional cuisine and local special dishes. Privas also has many sports facilities including tennis court, bowling alley, water sports, paragliding playground and motocross track, and is chosen as playing field of French and international renowned matches, such as Tour de France for participators under 23 years old and global mountain e-bike race.


At Mr. Michel’s invitation, the SONGUO delegation of six people comes to Privas and negotiates the landing of SONGUO European testing center and SKD assembly plants, and the European demonstration zone projects of “electrical Privas”. Both parties conduct friendly and extensive negotiation in regional advantages, transport logistics, talents & policies and land use.


The delegation believes that the encouragement of natural life and green transport by France and Privas government are in line with SONGUO MOTORS’ philosophy of environment protection. Besides, the permanent site of global mountain e-bike race is Privas, while SONGUO new products are similar. Both parties will further talk about “electrical Privas” demonstration zone planning. The delegation invites Mr. Michel to visit Seoul and China, participating the Second (Seoul) New Products Launch of SONGUO in 2019 and its signing ceremony and welcoming to drive the first mountain e-bike of SONGUO. It is reported that the first series of mountain e-bike will be named as “Privas”. Mr. Michel accepts the invitation pleasantly.



The delegation, accompanied by Mr. Michel and the retinue, visits the first global mountain e-bike Organizing Committee. In the next year, SONGUO maybe send athletes to participate the mountain e-bike race with “Privas” series e-bike.