New and old kinetic energy conversion| Leaders of Ningjin County inspect SONGUO MOTORS


On the morning of 16th May, the delegation of 13 people from Ningjin County government led by Bi Zhiguo Deputy Secretary of the government comes to Yucheng, visiting and learning advanced experience and typical practices in new and old kinetic energy conversion and major projects construction. Their first stop is new energy equipment industry park in Dezhou high-tech zone.


In SONGUO exhibition center, the delegation visits a couple of products including self-developed SUV, logistic truck, SSM demo car and motorcycle, and debriefs the manager of SONGUO project in new and old kinetic energy conversion and major projects construction.

After the visiting, the delegation has a good understanding of SONGUO industry cluster, and speaks highly of the business environment of Yucheng and the responsible manner of the government leaders.


In the mainstream of provincial new and old kinetic energy conversion, Yucheng government grasps the opportunity and works hard with market-orientation, precisely analyzing the new and old kinetic energy conversion on the basis of market demand. Besides, Yucheng government holds the principle of letting the market determine resources allocation and focuses on promoting high-quality development of enterprises.


Teng Haiqiang, Liu Honggui, Sun Dengjing leaders of Yucheng and Wang Zhiyong the leader of high-tech zone attend the activity.