State Grid affiliate in Dezhou investigates SONGUO MOTORS


In 6th May, Shi Yan general manager of State Grid affiliate in Dezhou and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, investigates major projects in Yucheng with leaders of relevant departments.

They visits a couple of key projects basement, including core projects of central innovation area, San Yi Urban Construction Company, coordinative development industrial park and SONGUO electric industrial park.


In the SONGUO Exhibition Center, Zhou Haiyan chairman of SONGUO MOTORS extends warm reception to the delegation, introducing the process of SONGUO industrial integration in details. The year of 2018 marks the beginning of full implementation of old and new kinetic energy conversion in Shandong Province. As one of the key projects of new driving power in new times, SONGUO MOTORS swims with the tide and lead the industry to intensive, clustering and cutting-edge development in accordance with the demand of provincial Party committee and government about old and new kinetic energy conversion. This year, SONGUO MOTORS has been fully implemented.

Zhou Haiyan highlights SONGUO MOTORS display in the Seoul Motor Show and briefly introduces all fruits achieved during the Motor Show, including the distribution agreements concluded with 19 countries and the construction of SKD assembly plants since the Motor Show.


After the investigation, the delegation has a better understanding of the changing development of SONGUO MOTORS since its landing, and praises the preferential business environment and pragmatic attitude of Yucheng. They hope SONGUO MOTORS to seize current opportunities so as to put into mass production earlier. State Grid will guarantee the electricity supply and provide sound services.

Teng Haiqiang, Wang Jianguo, Li Chunhou, Gao Rui, Sun Dengjing leaders of Yucheng, and Yang Xiaohui from Development and Reform Bureau attend the activity.