Provincial Development Reform Committee investigates SONGUO MOTORS


In 17th, April, Wang Xiaoyan Director of Development and Reform Committee of Shandong Province investigates the electric system projects of SONGUO MOTORS and compound material projects of Hoston G-WIT Group accompanied by Sun Baoyong Deputy Secretary of Dezhou Development and Reform Committee and Director of Project Office.


Dezhou government will carry out 111 municipal major projects this year with total investment of 102.9 billion CNY and annual planned investment of 54.1 billion CNY. Among of them, six projects have been listed as provincial major projects. CFRTP (continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic project), produced by Hoston G-WIT Group is listed as provincial major project while motor, motor controller and battery pack, researched and developed by SONGUO MOTORS are listed as Dezhou municipal major projects.

Zhou Haiyan chairman of SONGUO MOTORS extends warm reception to the delegation led by Wang Xiaoyan, and makes a report about SONGUO motors projects. In the industrial exhibition center, Ms. Zhou introduces core technology, project advantages and distinctive business mode of SONGUO motors, and mainly describes the Seoul motor show, markets in 43 countries and signing of SKD assembly plant.


Ms. Wang praises the achievements of SONGUO motors especially its market strategy of export-oriented brand and technology, and approves its core technology and its way of industrial change featuring deep R&D. She also has an interest the unique development mode of electric equipment industrial park featuring government guidance, favorable platform and a group of enterprises and requests the player to submit reports. Meanwhile, she inquires battery life, hydrogen cell and unique electric switching system what are concerned by consumers.

Through investigation on spot, leaders of provincial and municipal Development and Reform Committee have a good understanding of the plan and development in future of SONGUO motors project, and hope SONGUO MOTORS will embrace a bright future. They encourage SONGUO MOTORS to accelerate R&D of products to realize mass production earlier.


Li Wenqiang Standing Committee of Yucheng and municipal Secretary General, and Yang Xiaohui Party Group Secretary and Director of Development and Reform Bureau of Yucheng attend the activity.