SONGUO motors was listed as one of 111 municipal major projects in Dezhou


Dezhou government will carry out 111 municipal major projects this year with total investment of 102.9 billion CNY and annual planned investment of 54.1 billion CNY. Among of them, six projects have been listed as provincial major projects. 

CFRTP (continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic project), produced by Hoston G-WIT Group is listed as provincial major project, while motor, motor controller and battery pack, researched and developed by SONGUO MOTORS CO., LTD has been listed as Dezhou municipal major project.

2019 Municipal Major Projects List

(Provincial major project marked with   )




These projects involve strategic emerging industry, transformation and upgrading of traditional industry,  and service industry, etc. with a total number of 93. The total investment for these projects is 80.4 billion CNY and the annual planned investment is 44.8 billion CNY, taking up respectively 84%, 78% and 83% of all projects. Among these 93 projects, 26 projects, with total investment of 19.3 billion CNY and annual planned investment of 11.9 billion CNY, are introduced from the area of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei provinces.

In order to ensure the smooth construction of these projects, Dezhou government conducts sub-contracting responsibility for key projects to strengthen coordination, guidance and instruction for these project with the supervision and investigation of government leaders from various sector. Green channel will be established to facilitate the approval of major projects and to provide various services, such as planning and site selection, landing, environmental impact assessment (EIA), energy saving assessment, project registration with high-efficiency. Meanwhile, Dezhou government will improve regulations and rules, make records of project progress and timely supervise and follow-up