SONGUO’s global fifth SKD factory landed in Daegu, Korea


On Dec.6th, SONGUO motors, Korea TAISAN and KUNWON Group signed cooperative agreement, which marked the global fifth and Korea second SONGUO’s SKD factory landing in Daegu, Korea. 


Daegu, locating in the east of Korea, is the fourth biggest city following Seoul, Busan and Inchon, and the center of politics, economy, social and art in the southeast of Korea. Daegu lies to the east of Pohang, the famous coastal sea in Korea and lies to the south of Busan, the important port in Korea. And it is the host city for 2002 World Cup and also the host city for World Championships in Athletics.


Founded in 1960, TAISAN devoted itself to a technology leading enterprise in global electrical vehicles industry relying diverse and mature motor technology, unique designing style, high-standard quality security and mature technology and rich experience lasting for 50 years. 


The three cooperative parties will build SKD factory with the fastest speed on the basis of TAISAN’s current plant, thus SONGUO’s products can be put into mass production as soon as possible. This cooperation is one part of SONGUO global plan, according to which, SONGUO will set up over 40 SKD factories in the whole world in the future three years.