The signing ceremony of Korea S&K, the first global SKD project of SONGUO motors was held at DANGJIN city


The signing ceremony of Korea S&K, the first global SKD project of SONGUO motors was held at DANGJIN city hall at 9 am on September 11th. As for the cooperative project, SKD(Semi-Knocked Down)plant will be built in the first stage; R&D and manufacturing enterprises of key parts and other auxiliary factories will be established in the subsequent stages; finally a new EV industry cluster will be formed after three or five years in DANGJIN City.


SONGUO motors established a global R&D team with over 600 worldwide elites and experts in auto field, and realized industrialization application of various new materials in complete cars in the last ten years. Compared with the traditional auto industry including stamping, welding, coating and assembly, such application makes a breathtaking innovation which not only reduces investment but also greatly improves production efficiency and lowers cost. Meanwhile, SONGUO motors’ power system applies multiple fuels such as gasoline, LPG, CNG, electricity and so on, which shows that the more energy-saving and more environmental-friendly EV era is approaching. Zhou Haiyan, chairman of SONGUO MOTORS CO., LTD, said: “SONGUO test car has passed EU certification in 2014, and the road test of 137000 KM fully proves that the complete innovation made by SONGUO motors will become a new revolution in auto industry and have profound and revolutionary influence on the global auto industry development.”


The landing of SONGUO motors’ China base in National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone in Dezhou attracted close attention from many foreign countries such as British, Chilly, Russia, Southeast Asia regions, Africa, etc. and local governments and enterprises, some of which paid a visit and were willing to cooperate with SONGUO motors in the future. Dezhou High-tech New Energy Equipment Industrial Complex, SONGUO’s China base, is going on well with its construction, and the covering area of the first phase is about 210000 square meters which will be delivered for use at the end of 2018. SONGUO motors will finish research and development of 8 new models including EVT and EVP this year, and cargo van with carrying capacity of one ton and SUV will be in mass production in May, 2019. SONGUO projects with annual capacity of 230000 sets will make profits up to RMB 20 billion yuan and the total volume of import and export will exceed RMB 10 billion yuan after being put into production.


SONGUO will establish over 40 SKD assembly plants worldwide in the future three years.